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7 Reasons Why You Need Defogging SMART LED Bathroom Mirrors Right Now

Years ago, you wouldn’t think that with just one touch of a button you can clear your steamy bathroom mirror. But now it is possible right after your comfortable shower.  


So you can effortlessly enjoy the luxury of an anti-fogging mirror right in your home bathroom and can see yourself clearly in the mirror, whenever you are applying makeup, shaving, or just admiring your beautiful self! And all the hassle of wiping your mirror after a shower is gone for good!


Bathroom mirrors tend to fog excessively, especially in small bathrooms. To get rid of steam quickly and effectively, simply turn on the heating mat controlled by a dedicated touch switch. Enjoy your crystal-clear mirror!

anti fog smart led bathroom mirror



defogger is a system to clear condensation and thaw frost from the windshield, backglass, or side windows of a car. The rear window defroster was invented by German automobile engineer Heinz Kunert invented the rear window defrosters/ defoggers for car mirrors in the early 1960s. 



How does and defogging mirror work? Imagine a car with foggy windows; when the car runs, the air gets distributed over the interior surface of the windshield, that is how the condensation disappears due to air being distributed. This same concept is applied in our Elitspire anti-fogging LED bathroom mirrors.

fog free mirror

Condensation occurs on glass surfaces when hot water in your bathroom turns into steam and then cools down again, turning back to a liquid. Mirrors are cooler than the surrounding air, therefore they tend to fog, as a result you cannot see yourself clearly in the mirror anymore.


To prevent this from happening, the surface of the mirror needs to be closer in temperature to the air temperature. When antifogger is pressed, a heating element warms the surface of the mirror, which means condensation is far less likely to form, resulting in a fog-free mirror. 

The mirror surface defogging technology is specially designed for the bathroom environment that cannot be dehumidified in time. Minimize mist distractions and make grooming enjoyable!



Defogging mirrors can be called de-misting, anti-fogging, anti-steam, or non-misting mirrors. The defogging or demisting function in these mirrors helps you to see yourself clearly in the mirror without any effort.


The anti-fogging mirrors contain a heated element to prevent condensation from developing on your bathroom mirror, which can especially form during a warm bath or shower, or running the hot water tap on your basin.


The LED smart bathroom mirror is made of tempered glass, with anti-fog function, just click the switch to automatically enter the anti-fog state, always maintain a clear reflection image. 

Advantages of using Anti-fogging mirrors

Who doesn’t want to see themselves clearly in a mirror? Be it in the morning, after make-up, after-shaving, when getting ready, or any time of the day, defogging mirrors have made that possible.



You do not have to think about wiping your mirror after your shower. Plus wiping makes your mirror accumulate white stains in several places in your mirror.

So to clear out your mirror of all stains or fogs, you need to wash it with soap, and then wipe it with a dry cloth and/or paper for those water/ steam stains to go away. But guess what?

All those times you had to spend and bother every time wiping your mirror after a shower is replaced now with just one touch of a button for anti-fogging on your LED mirror. All those hassle and time waste are now finally gone for good!



You do not have to worry about your mirror forming whitish water stains anymore, which undoubtedly gives you poor reflection.



Whenever you are getting ready to go out and you are in a hurry, definitely you wouldn’t want to start wiping your mirror all being dressed up to get a glimpse of how you look.



You need a clear reflection to apply makeup. Mirrors with demisters are essential in this case.

And there you go! You can look flawless for the night by being able to apply makeup effortlessly. 


anti fog mirror before after

Sometimes water stained/ foggy can be the reason for cuts on your face during shaving. Built-in anti-foggers on your LED mirror can help prevent this situation altogether. Look at yourself in a clear mirror without any mists or steams to worry about, just press the defogger touch button on your LED mirror.


Turn on the mirror lights to see your face clearly. Some mirrors especially large bathroom mirrors have a small magnifying glass area on them that will zoom the area of your face you are shaving so that you have a seamless, safe, and luxurious shaving experience. Now, who would want that right?



During the night, while you get ready, crystal clear mirrors are a need. Especially LED lights that come with different LED color options will be tremendously helpful in this case.


You can change the color of your mirror according to your mood and need; be it warm, cool, or a neutral-colored LED. For instance, while applying makeup, you might want to switch to a cool- white colored LED as it gives a hue of daylight and you would want to see yourself clearer for a seamless makeup application.


And as mentioned before, some mirrors have a small magnifying glass area on them that will zoom the area of your face you are applying makeup. Particularly for delicate applications of makeup, these magnifying glass areas are a blessing; 


Or after freshening up to get ready for bed, seeing your clear reflection will definitely be a wonderful moment to finish the day.


Now you know the benefits of using mirrors with defoggers. If you are now convinced, you can see our exclusive range of bathroom anti-fog smart mirror selections.

Not only do most of these mirrors have anti-fog features, but also have Bluetooth, Speakers for music and call, 3 Built-in LED Color options, dimmability/ brightness control, a soft-touch panel for date/ Time/ Temperature display, and some of them even have a magnifying glass area for an exclusive makeup application or shaving experience!


To use the anti-fog feature in our mirror bathroom mirrors tend to fog excessively, especially in small bathrooms. To get rid of steam quickly and effectively, simply turn on the heating mat controlled by a dedicated touch switch. Enjoy your crystal clear mirror! 

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