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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose and Buy A Backlit LED Mirror

Backlit mirrors are very popular nowadays and benefit a lot more than a normal just front-lit mirror. Right after knowing why they are so desired, you’ll want them too. 

Let’s see a few reasons why people are replacing their traditional mirrors with backlit mirrors, and why you should too. 

What is a Backlit Mirror?

The LED bulbs of backlit mirrors are placed behind the mirrors. They shine through the mirrors glasses, outlining the mirror perimeter, giving an illusion of depth and your room/ bathroom feels extra relaxing with the help of backlit mirror lights. It is especially beneficial for an amazing shaving or make-up experience, it’s an amazing illumination source.

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Difference Between Backlit and Normal LED Mirrors

The main difference between backlit and normal just frontlit mirrors is the placement of their LED lights. They may also differ in design and look; because of this fundamental difference, one form of the LED lit mirror is more portable and versatile than the other. A backlit mirror is a form of a lighted mirror in the technical sense; the lights in backlit mirrors are situated behind them.

On the other hand,normal frontlit LED mirrors usually shine from the front rather than the back. 

Design and Appearance

Because of the differences in LED placed, backlit and normal only frontlit LED mirrors have different designs and representations. In backlit mirrors you can see the glow of light glowing from behind the mirror. And to create a complete backlit impression, backlit mirrors are always hung on a wall.

A section of the top, bottom, left, and right edges of some backlit mirrors are additionally coated with reflecting frosted edges. Therefore, they create a well-defined border around the mirror’s edges, and when light flows through the frosted border of the mirror, it provides a front-lit appearance.

On the other hand, normal frontlit mirrors are always illuminated from the front. The lights in certain LED mirror types are built around the mirror’s base. As with backlit models, we say within, not around. The mirror surfaces also have etchings allowing the light to pass through where the lights are located within the base.

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Versatility and Portability

Backlit mirrors generally cannot be carried around since they must be mounted to a wall for the backlit effect to work and creath an illusion of depth on the wall. On the other hand, front-lighted mirrors don’t necessarily need to be mounted on walls. They look great on a wall, plus they also have more variety of uses so as they can be smaller, more compact, and function independently of the wall.

Several battery-operated lit mirror types are also available. These are commonly referred to as LED Vanity Mirrors since they are designed to be placed on your vanity and aid in the application of cosmetics. Some rechargeable portable LED mirrors can even be folded, making them ideal for travel.

Why Install a Backlit Mirror?

Installing a backlit mirror can also create the illusion of more space, as well as providing task lighting.

A backlit mirror will also imoprove the overall look of your bathroom vanity, without the need of much space. It’s a great solution for small bathrooms and also perfect for bathrooms that don’t get a lot of natural or ambient light.

Backlit mirrors look amazing anyhere, and usually compatible with any wall type. The soft glow of the backlit LED of the mirror sets the mood when you’re taking a bath or doing your daily bathroom routine. They are the focal point of any bathroom and all eyes will definitrly fall on the mirror when lit up.

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1. Aesthetic

First of all, Backlit mirrors look elegant and modern. A backlit mirror as well as a normal lighted mirror offers the look of a large and bright surrounding of the room/bathroom, but backlit mirrors look much better while doing it. So, backlit mirrors would be a perfect ay to style your bathroom.

2. Shadowless, Even Source Of Lighting

Only front-lighted regular mirrors might create shadows on your face. Hence shaving, applying makeup, or hair styling might become more difficult. But backlit mirrors give off an even amount of light all around you. It highlights your entire face with a clear, soft, and even source of lighting which clearly makes you look good. The additional front and backlit provided by the LED lighting is ideal for applying makeup and smoothing out any unevenness in the shadows. 

3. They save energy and are efficient

Backlit mirrors with LED lights use less energy than ordinary incandescent light bulbs. Plus it lasts around 50,000 hours. So definitely it reduces your electric bill and also reduces your carbon footprint.

4. They Create an Illusion of Depth

Backlit mirrors have lights in the back of the edges of the mirror frame, when turned on they create a fascinating illusion of depth and distance by emitting light outwards, which creates a mellow glow around the mirror, which gives a climactic feeling and looks breathtakingly beautiful. 

5. They Set The Mood

Just turn off your bathroom lights and participate in your daily bathroom routine, or a luxurious bath but now in a beautiful bathroom surrounding with the help of a soothing light coming out from the back of your bathroom mirror. Plus, applying makeup or admiring yourself after getting ready in the comfort of your own bedroom with the help of your bedroom backlit LED mirror would definitely be an amazing moment, don’t you think?

6. They’re Easy To Install

As installing tools you just need a drill machine, screws, and measuring tape to install your mirror. It is very easy to install the mirror by yourself or by a professional. From Elitspire we always give you our installation instructions manual.

7. Quality Lighting

Some LED Backlit mirrors have different temperature options of lighting with warm or cool color temperatures to match your mood and surroundings. In Elitspire we have high-quality 3 color-changing options available for our Backlit LED mirror lights, i.e. Warm/ Neutral/ White (3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K).  The additional front and backlit provided by the LED lighting is ideal for applying makeup and smoothing out any unevenness in the widespread high-quality LED lights from your mirror. 

8. Extra Features

It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional as well as comes with a number of modern and useful functionalities such as  Bluetooth & Music, Time & Temperature, Anti-Fog/Defogger, 3 Colour Dimmable/Brightness, Control LED Touch Controls & Call Functionality.

Elitspire smart LED mirrors combine front and back-lit LED lighting and mirrors with cutting-edge smart technology. Our Mirrors are SAA Certified. SAA Certification is the approved Australian Standard for electrical requirements and is proven to comply with all safety requirements. 

With technologies like adjustable 3 built-in LED lighting, demister, magnifier, Bluetooth speakers, digital clock, and so on, we’ve purposefully created our product lines to be both physically beautiful and useful. It engages these features with a single touch. It makes your daily life a little more convenient and comfortable with the above. So what are you waiting for, take a look at our mirrors and choose the one(s) you prefer!

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