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9 Ways To Choose The Best SMART LED Mirror For Your Home Or Office

You want to modernize your mirror; be it any room in your home, or office, but you are not sure what mirror you should buy, or cannot match exactly what you want?


Smart LED lighted smart mirrors have become more and more popular over the past few years. The advancement of LED and Bluetooth technologies not only makes them more affordable but more stylish as well. 



Smart LED mirrors have a lot of other high-tech features like:

  • 3 built-in color setting options, and dimmability/ brightness control:
  • anti-fogging
  • Bluetooth, Speakers for Music and Call
  • A soft-touch panel for date/ Time/ Temperature display 
  • a magnifying glass area for makeup application, hairstyling, or shaving


smart led mirrors feature



So, which mirror(s) should you choose for your home or office?



First choose which room, and which part of the room you want your mirror in; bathroom, dressing/changing/powder room, living room, dining room basin, bedroom, or office. According to your need, choose your required mirror.

For example, for your bathroom, you need an LED mirror with a defogger, but for a living room or an office mirror, you certainly do not. Therefore, choose according to your need and preference. .


  • Size of the Vanity (Bathroom, dining room basin mirror)

The width of your bathroom vanity may be wide, or smaller, or you may have a bathroom vanity with 2 sinks for your partner and yourself. 


  • A wider vanity will suit a wider mirror (e.g large rectangle), and a smaller vanity require a small mirror (e.g round, oval, square).
  • A couple bathroom with 2 sinks can suit both small single mirrors as well as a large rectangular, or a round-edged rectangular mirror.



It is essential that you choose a smart LED mirror according to your bathroom (or other room) design. You can choose one that matches your tile’s color or the color of the walls; there are endless possibilities.

If you’re confused about which design to choose, browse the internet for the latest ideas for styling with smart mirrors. You can choose from shapes: RECTANGLEROUND/OVALSQUARE/VERTICALTALL  from Elitspire collection.



LED Mirrors come along with a lot of other high-tech features. So choose the best assortment of functionalities that suites you for your mirror. Smart LED Mirrors have a lot of other functionalities like:

  • 3 built-in color setting options, and dimmability/ brightness control:

Lets you enjoy the luxurious bathroom experience by setting the color of the mirror lighting according to your mood while listening to your favorite music during your daily bathroom routine. anti-fog features-

  • To demist your mirror in case of steaming, This makes cleaning easier. It also means that you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort wiping the mirror to get rid of the moisture every time you use the shower
  • Bluetooth, Speakers for Music and Call: while you are getting ready, or applying makeup, hairstyling, enjoying a luxurious shave listening to audiobooks or music, or talking on the phone with your friends and loved ones.
  • A soft-touch panel for date/ Time/ Temperature display 
  • Some of them even have a small magnifying glass area for an exclusive makeup application, hairstyling, or shaving experience!


smart led mirror functions

The anti-fogging mirrors contain a heated element to prevent condensation from developing on your bathroom mirror, which can especially form during a warm bath or shower, or running the hot water tap on your basin.



The glass quality of smart mirrors is different from traditional mirrors. Generally, smart LED mirrors use high-quality panels that help improve the quality of the reflection. Some mirrors have a small magnified glass area for an exclusive makeup application, hairstyling, or shaving.



Choosing a mirror with good quality LED lights is paramount. Avoid too bright, too dim, or uneven lighting, as they will make you feel uncomfortable rather than giving you the grandiose ambiance that you get from a good quality LED mirror.

Choose mirrors with both Frontlit and Backlit LEDs, which highlight your face and emit a full and even illumination all around you hence you’ll have a clearer reflection with no shadows on you. This is especially great for applying makeup, or shaving at night.



All our mirrors come with Built-in 3 colors (Warm/ Neutral/ White – 3k/ 4k/ 6k) options. You can select the one that you prefer most or change it anytime you wish. It also allows you brightness control.

You may adjust the brightness level to your liking thanks todimmable technology. Start your day with full brightness, relax and wind down with a more subdued lighting atmosphere in the evening, or choose something in between.

You can match the lighting according to the setting you’re in and apply makeup accordingly with this feature to change the light colours from warm to cool.


smart led mirror color temperature control



The Lifetime of LEDs with advanced technology can be up to tens of thousands of hours. So, you do not have to worry about the lights in LEDs to fade or stop working. In Elitspire, our LED Mirrors’ lifetimes are 50,000 hours. In addition, LEDs are energy-saving, so smart mirrors featured with these lights are not associated with high electricity bills.

Elitspire smart LED mirrors come along with a lot of other high-tech features. So choose the best assortment of functionalities that suites you for your mirror.

Our Mirrors have front and back-lit LED lighting and mirrors with cutting-edge smart technology. With technologies like adjustable 3 built-in LED lighting, demister, magnifier, Bluetooth speakers, digital clock, and so on, we’ve purposefully created our product lines to be both physically beautiful and useful.

It engages these features with a single touch. It makes your daily life a little more convenient and comfortable with the above. So what are you waiting for, take a look at our mirrors and choose the one(s) you prefer!

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