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Enjoy Bluetooth Functionalities On Mirrors For Listening To Music And Call!

Bluetooth on Mirrors?


What is Bluetooth LED Mirror?


“Wait, what? A Mirror with Bluetooth?


Guess everything is going smart now!”


Yes, that is the reaction of most people who are getting introduced to Bluetooth mirrors for the first time. These Bluetooth LED mirrors are gaining popularity day by day as people are showing more interest to upgrade their bathroom mirrors with these smart beauties. Let us learn about the Bluetooth functionality in these smart LED mirrors.


smart led bluetooth mirror


What is a LED Bluetooth Mirror?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard whose purpose is to connect gadgets without a cable. One of the best things about Bluetooth is, that it does not use any data. When you turn on your Bluetooth mirror, it will send radio waves to connect with another one of your Bluetooth devices. An LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror is a smart invention that combines LED lighting with smart Bluetooth technology. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional as well as comes with a number of modern and useful functionalities.


What can you do with a Bluetooth Mirror?


Have you ever imagined that while you are lying down in your bathtub, you are listening to your favorite music coming straight from the mirror, or your desired audiobook(s), while you do not have to worry about your phone getting wet?


Imagine the same while you are getting ready, or applying makeup, hairstyling, or enjoying a luxurious shave listening to audiobooks or music, or talking on the phone with your friends and loved ones with the help of this smart Bluetooth anti-fogging mirror. Yes, you can enjoy all this grandeur with just this one touch of your Bluetooth mirror.


These Bluetooth mirrors have speakers which you can use for listening to something from the mirror speakers in your washroom and also for calls. It has a Bluetooth button for connecting your phone you can even take calls on it, you just have to tap one of the touch-sensitive buttons on the face of the mirror to activate Bluetooth.


bluetooth led mirror functions


How to use the Bluetooth feature in the Mirror?

To connect a Bluetooth mirror to your device/ phone using Bluetooth, turn on the power button of the mirror and press on the Bluetooth feature. Turn on the Bluetooth of the device to where you plan to connect it to, search for the Bluetooth name of the mirror in the settings and connect them. You can then play your favorite playlist/ podcast or audiobook.


Why Bluetooth Mirrors?

Bluetooth mirrors are good for bathrooms because they provide a lot of benefits compared to an ordinary mirror. The Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to your favourite music during daily bathroom routines and baths. Moreover, the call functionality along with built-in microphone and speakers, allows you to make or receive phone calls without having to use your phone. Call functions can be controlled by the mirror’s touch panel. Apart from that, Bluetooth LED smart mirrors also come with high-tech features like: 


  • 3 built-in color setting options, and dimmability/ brightness control:

 So enjoy the luxurious bathroom experience by setting the color of the mirror lighting according to your mood while listening to your favorite music during your daily bathroom routine. 


  • anti-fog features: 

To demist your mirror in case of steaming, This makes cleaning easier. It also means that you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort wiping the mirror to get rid of the moisture every time you use the shower


  • A soft-touch panel for date/ Time/ Temperature display 


  • Some of them even have a magnifying glass area for an exclusive makeup application or shaving experience!

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