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Why are your Mirror’s LED Colors and Brightness Important?

There is a huge difference between soft warm light and sharp blue light. But many people don’t actually know the benefits of different types of lighting and their uses.

Most people do not understand what different colors of LED do and for the time of the day or for which bathroom routine they are best.

But at the end of the day, the choice of LED lighting really is about personal preference.

There is a huge difference between soft warm light and sharp blue light. But a lot of people who are buying LED mirrors do not know about the color and brightness control of LED mirrors before their purchase and end up making mistakes; as they find that they do not even like the color of the LED in their mirrors.

You may adjust the brightness level to your liking thanks to dimmable technology. That is exactly why rather than choosing a LED mirror with a fixed color, you should go for an LED mirror with light color options.

Our Elitspire Mirrors are manufactured with 3 built-in LED colors; arm, neutral and cool. Our mirrors are also Many of our bathroom mirror models are also backlit, with the lighting pouring through the sandblasted frosted glass to give it an opaque look

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What is Color Temperature?

The color options that you can choose from in your LED mirror are called color temperatures. Color temperatures are measured in Kelvin (K). The white LED light will appear warmer in color (more reddish hue, lower kelvin) with a lower color temperature. The higher the color temperature of a light source, the cooler (bluer hue, lower kelvin) the light appears.

Higher temperature colors of LED are considered a little less popular as they produce a “blue tinge”. Although, the reality is that ‘cool white’ LED lighting actually gives you the clearest and best lighting, especially on the face. Warm white is great for bigger living spaces where you would like to give the room a soothing and relaxing ambiance. However, for bathrooms where you want the space to look and feel clean, but according to research ‘cool’ LED lighting is the Best Lighting For Makeup. 

What Color Choices Do I Have?

Light bulbs generally have three “colors” (also called temperatures). Lower Kelvin means lower temperature and light appears bluer; On the other hand, higher Kelvin means higher temperature and light appears red-yellowish. Our Elitspire mirrors have LED lights with 3 colors Warm/ Neutral/ White (3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K).

How do I know which color temperature to choose?

Which LED color option you choose is a matter of personal taste, options provide the same brightness depending on the size of the mirror.  However, the quality of your LED mirror lighting is important for your everyday bathroom routine, be it your morning, day, evening, or nighttime routine in the bathroom.

Activities such as shaving, putting on make-up, hairstyling, plucking eyebrows, and getting ready need good mirror lighting according to the surroundings and your mood. A cool white color temperature is more suitable for morning shaving and make-up application. Start your day with full brightness, relax and wind down with a more subdued lighting atmosphere in the evening, or choose something in between.

If you want to enjoy a relaxed light when taking a bath or brushing your teeth in the evening, warm white light color with a lower Kelvin value and more red components in the light will be more soothing. You can match the lighting according to the setting you’re in and continue your bathroom routines accordingly with this feature to change the light colors from warm to cool. In this case, mirrors with both Backlight and Front Light are the best. Our Elitspire mirrors have LED lights with 3 colors Warm/ Neutral/ White (3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K).

Warm 3000K

3000 Kelvin provides a “warmer” hue, and the color of the light and hence the environment becomes yellowish hued, which is more welcoming than other colored LED lights. It is sure to give a warm and snug feeling to the room so is best for living rooms and bedrooms.

The warmer color temperature helps you to see how you would look under softer lighting and is more favorable to your skin tones as ‘Warm- colored LED can make the face appear more yellow than it truly is, so applying makeup is definitely a more elegant experience You may use warm white lighting when applying makeup for a night out to the movies or while enjoying a relaxing bath, or brushing your teeth in the evening.

Neutral 4000K:

It is a more standard white color, and it’s most suitable for a kitchen, bathroom, or study room. tends to be more flattering to cooler color palettes it reads as more of a neutral white light.

White 6000K: 

a 6000k temperature LED is a bright, blueish light that gives off an ambience  of “natural daylight”, it is a recommended mirror LED light color temperature for makeup and grooming. 

See these different color temperatures in person and learn what you like best. Visit our warehouse in Chullora, Sydney.


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At Elitspire, our Mirrors are SAA Certified. SAA Certification is the approved Australian Standard for electrical requirements and is proven to comply with all safety requirements.

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